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PostSubject: CaptainChaplin#1   Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:51 am

Link to your Plazma Burst 2 profile:

List all your alternate accounts with links: Hispt:

Past Clans(alternate accounts included): DLN, USF, Carnage

Why did you leave them?DLN: I letf DLN cuz Warredemption kicked me cuz they thought that i was immature
s s USF: i left USF because they were such a small clan. The members there werent dat friendly

Carnage:: The leader left

Location/Timezone:Pakistan. 1200-5:00

How long are you usually online(e.g 10am-2pm)? Iam online from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Preferred Server:California

Your ping in this server:320 :/

Favourite map/s:x death-realwar, stryde-sniper

Why do you want to join UPF? Because bloodymary invited me in and also cuz when i saw the website of this clan 0-0 it was amazing. So activeness and amazingness. By then i knew i had to join dis clan Smile

What can You offer to benefit us? I am friendly and loyal. Obedient and besides my skills iam a friendly guy who wants to be in a clan made of awesomeness Very Happy

Why do you think we'd accept you? I dont know if i will be accepted i always have high hopes in my heart that i will be accepted Smile

Why don't you join a bigger clan than ours? I want to join dis clan because it might be small, but i want to be one of the people who will make dis clan the best clan. Smile

Extra comments:
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PostSubject: Re: CaptainChaplin#1   Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:32 pm

Nice Application dude, i really want you in the clan, so here
Welcome to the United Phantom Forces Swagger aka CaptainChaplin
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